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`Testament` are an American Thrash Metal band. They are captured & photographed in analog from the stage & pit area during concerts in America in 1988 & 1993. For more information & to follow the band on social media use any of the following external links.

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Testament concert pictures ~ Bill O’Leary

A word from the photographer


One of the most important thrash metal bands to come out of the San Francisco Bay area, Testament formerly known as Legacy, whose demo tape I had first heard in 1983. I photographed them early on in 1988 on The New Order tour, their second album. I was contributing photos for an article in LIVEWIRE Magazine on the band.

Thrashed the venue

I shot the photos at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, Colorado. I was very excited to see them as well, knowing their music for the past five years at the time. Founding member Eric Peterson on guitar, along with guitar wiz Alex Skolnick and vocalist Chuck Billy literally thrashed the venue.

The Ritual tour

The next time I photographed Testament was in early 1993 on The Ritual tour, this time Alex Skolnick who recorded the album, but did not tour was replaced by guitarist James Murphy. This was a heavier period for the band as far as not sounding as thrashy, sounding heavy in a traditional metal way.

The Ogden Theater 

This 1993 performance was during the grunge wave, and many traditional thrash metal bands were finding their way through it. Again, this show was photographed at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado. The band continue to this day, releasing some of the best music of their career.

Location and date of these concert captures 

Denver / Colorado / America /1988 and 1993

Photographer`s favourite shot

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