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`Venom` are an Extreme Metal / Black Metal band from England. They are captured here from the stage & pit area during the `Possessed tour` in America in 1986. For more information & to follow the band on social media use the following external links.

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Venom concert pictures ~ Bill O’Leary

A word from the photographer


Venom were the pioneers of what became known as the Black Metal genre of heavy metal. I first heard them back in 1981 when I purchased their first album Welcome to Hell, an album that literally sent chills up my spine at the time. When I got the chance to photograph them here in 1986 at The Ritz in New York City on their Possessed tour, I also was fortunate to meet and hangout with them prior to the show. As seen here Cronos greeted me in a very “metal” way.

Balcony view

These images were taken from a not so typical angle for me, an upper side balcony just above the stage. In these days of the thrash metal scene, mosh pits and stage diving were becoming the norm and with no security fence up front, there was NO WAY I could take decent photos from right within the mayhem. Chronos, Mantas and Abbadon bashed their way thru the set playing classics like “Black Metal”, “Stand Up and Be Counted” and “Die Hard”.

The original Venom

Venom in recent years has fragmented into two different bands over a legality issue, typically the “use of name” by founding members. This can be looked at in different ways, fan’s have two different bands to go and see in concert, or a cheapening of the original band that you originally came to love. I’m personally very happy I got to see the original members together early on.

Location and date of these concert captures 

The Ritz / New York / America / 04.04.1986

Photographer`s favourite shot

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Record label

Spinefarm Records Universal Music Group / BMG

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