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This concert photography site was founded with the help & support of some of the best concert & festival photographers. It offers one of the largest online music photographers directories and brings you live concert pictures from around the world.

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You will find a bit more than the normal Concert photography or festival  pictures here. Instead are full and in depth reviews of the event as well as some fantastic pictures.

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The pen is mightier than the sword, but a picture tells a thousand stories.

The Chasing The Light Art web site is about capturing the Musician / Band / Singer / Audience / Atmosphere in stunning images from an ever expanding collective of real Pit Photographers from around the world.

This is a platform where they can exhibit some of their fine work. You will see great captures from many of the big names in all the music genres ,as well as fresh and raw images of the up and coming, next generation of bands and musicians.

The Art of concert photography

This is about the photographic Art of working in extremely difficult conditions to capture a breath-taking, once in a life time image and bringing some of these great pictures from around the world together in one place.

The Light

The stage is often bathed in flashing multi coloured lights or just a subtle spotlight and often total darkness. The performers often wear black, have a black hat on ,stand in the shadows and wear dark sunglasses. It is an ever changing environment and takes a huge amount of skill to predict and adjust quicker than a camera can register the settings.