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Swervedriver in concert

`Swervedriver` are an Alternative Rock band from England. Here they are photographed & captured from the stage and pit area during a concert in Japan. For more information & to follow the band on social media use any of the following external links.

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Swervedriver concert pictures ~ Aki Fujita Taguchi

A word from the photographer

Future Ruins

With the sign of autumn in the warm rain on Tuesday night, English alternative band Swervedriver came back to Tokyo as part of their tour showcasing their new album ‘Future Ruins’. I was very fortunate enough to get a chance to photograph this show.

In the beginning

Swervedriver were formed in 1989 in Oxford, England. The band got a record deal with Creation Records immediately and drew attention at that time. They are often described as an originator of shoegaze, but I don’t feel inclined to categorize their music as always. In fact, their sound consists of various elements, such as heavy rock, alternative, grunge, noise, etc. They once split in 1999 and reunited in 2008. In their history of 30 years, they have changed their members and labels several times. They have released six studio albums, and each one has different style.


They started the show with ‘Mary Winter’ the first track of their latest album ‘Future Ruins’ and the house was filled with loud feedback noise right away. That’s exactly what we all wanted! The audience began to sway with music. ‘Drone Lover’ the fifth track from the same album followed. As you might know, the Japanese audience rarely makes a big noise during a concert. However, they apparently seemed to soak up the hypnotic atmosphere and enjoy the show.

Wall of sound

Their set was well mixed with the new songs from their latest album ‘Future Ruins’ and their classics. The stage was basically lit darkly and the glitter ball lighting created the fantastic vibes. The effect went well with them. Guitarists Adam Franklin and Jim Hartridge kept playing loud. Mikey Jones’s powerful and tight drumming added the thickness to their sound. And Ben Ellis’s undulating bassline was impressive. (Bass player Mick Quinn couldn’t come to Japan for some reasons. Ben played the bass instead.) We were able to enjoy the wall of sound they created and it was an extreme pleasure to indulge ourselves in their loud noise.


They finished that night with the aggressive ‘Son Of Mustang Ford’, which was released in 1990 as their first single. The crowd absolutely loved it and went crazy. I have to add that I could see many young audiences attend the show to see the legends. Apparently they were not born in the band’s heyday. It’s really nice that they rediscovered the good band. With their 90 minutes set, they proved us why they are highly regarded as one of the most influential bands in their scene. They have upcoming shows in Australia and England, then head to the United States in October.

Band members

Adam Franklin – Lead Vocals & Guitars / Jim Hartridge – Vocals & Guitars / Mikey Jones – Drums  / Ben Ellis – Bass

 Location and date of these concert captures 

Shibuya Womb / Tokyo / Japan / 03.09.19

Photographer`s favourite shot

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Record label

Dangerbird Records

Set list:

1. Mary Winter 2. Drone Lover3. Never Lose That Feeling4. Setting Sun5. 99th Dream6. Future Ruins7. Last Train To Satansville8. The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air9. MM Abduction10. Autodidact11. For A Day Like Tomorrow12. Deep Seat 13. Duel . Encore:14. Rave Down15. Son Of Mustang Ford

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Words & photos by Aki Fujita Taguchi / Proofreading by Yosuke Taguchi


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