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Rise Up Porec Festival pictures ~ David Gasson

The Rise Up Porec Festival sponsored by Laguna Porec is certainly set in an idyllic location. Just 200 meters from the old town of Porec with the stage only 30 meters from the sea. With a crowd of 10,00 people over the weekend enjoying the music and good weather, the festival was a big success. Security was tight and, on entering, each person was given a free Panama hat bearing the logo of the sponsors.

The first band

With the golden sun finally setting, the first band to play were the Croatian band Vindon Havin from Zagreb. They played a lively mixed set of dance / pop / Croatian and some rock n roll with a very appropriate rendition of Nirvana’s `TEEN SPIRIT `which soon had the growing crowd singing and dancing.

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Icona Pop

Just as the sea breeze started to cool down the early revellers, it was time for the Swedish duo, Icona Pop to make their first appearance in Croatia. With their up beat and unique brand of Electro pop music, the crowd were soon dancing to their chart hits and new and unreleased material .When they played `I LOVE IT ` it signalled the start of a trend that followed all weekend, of throwing the hats in the air and at the stage.

John Newman

The arena was now full & surrounded by his band, John Newman stood statuesque on the raised steps of the stage. The spotlight fell on him & he turned to the crowd, holding the expectancy & anticipation levels for another moment before bursting into song. His energy levels were phenomenal as he danced, jumped & sang his way around the stage. When it was time for his biggest hit ‚Äú LOVE ME AGAIN‚ÄĚ the crowd went wild & a millinery of hats littered the night sky.

His Performance

His voice was as golden as ever and, even though he joked with the crowd that they were a bit rusty for the first festival of the year, they were far from that. At one point he even brought some rock ‘n’ roll to the stage when he started to smash up the drum kit and the symbols went flying.

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Non Stop

Throughout the concert his performance was full of energy and passion. Several times he seemed to almost collapse on the floor, only to raise his head and start singing once more.


The band went off to huge applause and they soon returned for an encore to the crowds’ delight. John was genuinely humble in his thanks to his band, management and audience. He is living his dream, ‚Äúof headlining festivals ‚ÄĚ he told them and to cap off what was a very sincere performance, he climbed down off stage and embraced his fans.

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DJ  Roger Sanchez

Now that the night and the Rise Up Porec festival  were in full swing it was time for the American DJ Roger Sanchez to take over on the decks.

Stereo MC`s

With the bass turned up it was Stereo MC`s, the British hip hop / electronic dance group who started the second day of the festival. Rob Birch the lead singer gave a good , strong and solid performance and they sang `STEP IT UP ` and `CONNECTED` as well as others.

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The stage was cleared and preparations began for the next band . All manner of objects appeared on stage and band members stood at the edge of the stage throwing fluorescent plastic toys and inflatables into a delighted crowd.

Redfoo and the Party Crew

It was time for Redfoo and the Party Crew. If you have never seen them before and you are looking for one of the best party rock bands then look no further. Members of the band are full of energy and the performance is exceptional. They sprayed champagne into the crowd from the stage , constantly fired streamers , dressed up in bizarre outfits, came into the crowd blowing whistles and poured beer over them, shared drinks with the audience and generally ran a party riot on stage.


Oh and of course there was the singing and dancing and when it was time for `SEXY AND I KNOW IT ` the men in the band started to strip much to the delight of the crowd

More Party

With the bands finishing, but the crowd still wanting to party it was time for a few DJ sets and who better to start with than the hugely popular Rudimental DJ set

A long night

To conclude the live music and to keep every one partying to ? ? o’clock at this years festival was Sister Bliss performing the Faithless DJ set. Festival goers will be looking forward to next years event after such a wild and successful weekend and i got home as the sun was coming up.

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The Rise Up Porec Festival is located about 100 meters from the center of Porec in Istria, Croatia and 10 meters from the beach. It is a 3 day music festival.

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