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`Beth Hart` is an American Blues / Rock n Roll / Jazz / Soul Singer / Songwriter. Here she is photographed & captured from the stage & pit area during a concert in Croatia. For more information & to follow her on social media use any of the following external links.


Beth Hart tour photography ~ David Gasson

Jazzy Beth leaves Zagreb rocking with a bluesy Hart

On Friday 10.11.17, the vivacious and charismatic Beth Hart made her long and much awaited debut appearance in Croatia. She gave a stunning performance at the sold out Boogaloo Club, Zagreb.

Boogaloo Club

The venue was ideal for her first gig here and was reminiscent of her early years and concerts; a compact stage decked out in her traditional carpeted floor allowing her to be close and personal with an enthusiastic audience. This wasnÔÇÖt just a tour promoting her latest album, Fire on the Floor; far from it.

The opening songs

The Grammy-nominated American blues singer was keen to show her full repertoire of musical talents with her passionate & expressive vocal range. Standing at the center of the stage, Beth opened with two bluesy covers. First was the uplifting For My Friend, originally by Bill Withers,, followed by her mother’s favourite track Close to My Fire by the Slackwax

Style and Genre

Her first change of style came next whilst seated at the piano with the Jazzy show time tune Swing My Thing Back Around from the Big Bang album, followed by Chocolate Jesus, a bluesy and bouncy Tom Waits cover which allowed her to demonstrate her powerful and hypnotic blues voice. She introduced the song by saying how she had first heard it while cruising around when she was 27 and hoped that one day she would get to play it.

Emotional Beth Hart

Her musical versatility and the rare and genuine desire to connect and build a rapport with her audience was evident each time she sat center stage or played an acoustic track. This was demonstrated by the emotional Isolation and her introduction of Today Came Home with ÔÇť…so this song never made it on a record or anything. I just wrote it a long, long time ago and just sometimes end up playing it live. Maybe one day it’ll end up on record, I donÔÇÖt know. We’re out here with you guys, playing for you; thatÔÇÖs all that mattersÔÇŁ

,Band members

Jon Nichols – Guitar /┬á Bill Ransom – Drums /┬á Bob Marinelli – Bass

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Guitar, Vocals and Piano

Throughout the show Beth alternated between guitar and piano. She played lively blues and soulful jazz tracks such as Monkey Back, Baddest Blues , Jazzman, Coca Cola and with just the yellow spot lights on her, Your Heart Is As Black As Night. Her emotional and revealing songs were powerful; she was almost in tears by the end of Change Gonna Come, such was the commitment and power in her voice ÔÇťGod bless you, thank you so much, you’re such good listeners. Thank you so muchÔÇŁ

The new Beth Hart

In her early career, Beth led a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Many of the her songs have powerful and thought provoking lyrics of painful relationships and drug and alcohol abuse.

Picture in a Frame

Although it’s great to listen to, thankfully that time has passed and she has successfully moved on and has found her love. This was most evident when `Picture in a Frame` from her new album was concluded & she was joined on stage by her husband Scott for a loving embrace.

The performance

Along with her band, Beth eloquently intertwined Blues, Soul and Jazz into her show. Her sultry, moody, raspy, and unique voice was evident for all to hear. But the burning questions are Does she still Rock ? Does she still Roll ? Does she still own the stage ? The simple answer is Hell yeah.!!!

Are you guys up for it?

`Can’t Let Go` was lively and upbeat & `Sick` from the 37 Days album was introduced as ÔÇťThis is a little bit of a hard rock ‘n’ roll song. Are you guys up for it? Yeah? You gonna sing with me? All right, lets do itÔÇŁ. It saw her grabbing the microphone stand, dancing evocatively, banging & kneeling down in front of the drums and delivering a powerful fiery performance before leaving the set & allowing Bill Ransom to complete a fine drum solo


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With a final rendition of the Tina Turner classic Nutbush City Limits, Beth Hart and the band left the stage and returned shortly for the encore. Under blue lights and glowing candles, Beth chose the title track from her latest album Fire on the Floor for the final song. ÔÇťYou guys were awesome tonight. We’re so lucky to get to play for you. Thank you so much for your love and attention and energyÔÇŁ

They must return

With phenomenal applause and cheering Beth Hart and her band, bassist Bob Marinelli, lead guitarist Jon Nichols and drummer Bill Ransom took their bows. Following this hugely successful concert, let’s hope we see this incredibly talented lady performing again very soon in Croatia.

Record label

Mascot Label Group

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