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Octopoulpe concert pictures

`Octopoulpe` is Korean based French Hardcore Punk musician. He is captured from the stage & pit area during `The 27th Monte Paradiso Hardcore Punk Festival` in Croatia. For more info & to follow him on social media use any of the following external links.

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Octopoulpe concert pictures ~ David Gasson

A word from the photographer

A very unusual performer and it took a few songs for the crowd and me to release what was happening and what we were witnessing. Essentially a Punk one man band. Whilst he is playing the drums and occasionally singing a video runs simultaneously. The videos show him on lead vocals and playing all the other instruments. The syncing was perfect and he was often joined in the videos by friends on vocals.

Band members

Kim Jean Poulpe

 Location and date of these concert captures

Monte Paradiso Hardcore Punk Festival / Pula / Croatia / 01-03.08.19

Photographer`s favourite shot

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About Monte Paradiso Hardcore Punk Festival

The `Monte Paradiso Hardcore Punk Festival` is the longest lasting Hardcore Punk collective in Croatia. The festival commonly known as the “Punx New Year’s Eve” is usually held on the first weekend in August at Social Center Rojc in Pula, Croatia. For more information on the festival and other events at Monte Paradiso in Pula use any of the following external links.

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The bands

The festival continues to stay true to its initial concept way back in 1992. Each year legendary bands from the worlds Hardcore Punk scene share the stage with promising young domestic and international DIY bands.


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