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Avraham Tal in concert

`Avraham Tal` is a pop / Rock singer from Israel. Here he is photographed & captured from the stage & pit area during a concert in Israel. For more information & to follow him on social media use any of the following external links.

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Photography of  Avraham Tal  ~ Omer Keidar

A word from the photographer

Avraham Tal is a famous pop singer and artist; his records are best sellers and his tours are fully booked. The Goldstar Zappa Sound System festival is a cooperation between Goldstar beer company and Zappa sound clubs. They challenge famous artists to perform one of their early albums (usually a best seller), in a large hanger in the old port of Tel-Aviv. This year Avraham Tal was asked to perform hits of his old band: ‚ÄúShotei Ha’nevua‚ÄĚ (Fools of Prophecy).

Shotei Ha’nevua

‚ÄúShotei Ha’nevua‚ÄĚ was founded by Roi Levi and Gilad Vital and it was a very successful Israeli musical group (selected as Israel’s “Band of the Year” in 2005 and toured the USA). The band described its music as a fusion of dub with hip-hop and dance music, with an eastern Mediterranean flavour. Shotei Hanevua broke up on August 12, 2007 when Avraham Tal left the band and started a solo career.

For performing in the Goldstar Zappa Sound System festival, Avraham reunion with Roi Levi and Gilad Vital, for the first time since the band broke up, to perform together their hits album. This performance was sold out very quickly.

.Location and date of these concert captures 

Zappa club / Tel Aviv / Israel / 07.02.19

Photographer`s favourite shot

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After enjoying the Avraham Tal concert pictures by Omer Keidar then make sure to visit his GALLERY. You will find more of his work, social media links & websites.

Record Label

Hed Arzi / Nmc United

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