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Pit and Music Photographer`s Joining Details

If you are a Music Photographer and cover Live Concerts, and Festivals or are Pit Photographer and want to join the Chasing The Light Art magazine and have your profile listed in the directory, it’s easy. It takes less than 2 minutes for you to do and it’s FREE.

How to get listed your Music Photographer profile listed.

  • 1. Email us your / Social Media / Websites Links, or Logo that you want and agree to be publicly show in the Chasing The Light Art magazine.
  • 2. Add between 6 and 15 images (900 px) ie same size as Instagram, that you want in your GALLERY. Images can contain a watermark or logo.

Your main Profile page is now done and you’re are listed. A unique mini profile sidebar is also created and will follow you on every Page / Article that is created by you.


Creating Pages / Articles = More of your work on display = More exposure for you.

This becomes your ever expanding portfolio. Every page created is linked by categories . One Article creates between 8 and 20 pages.The article is automatically linked to similar articles thus creating constant and regular viewing.

What is needed  to create an Article page ?

  • Between 6 and 15 music related images, with text stating the Name of the Musicians / Band / Singer / Group /Artists name + Venue + Date + Genre if you know it .
  • If your Images / Article were originally published and you want to add links to the main article then send details and it will be added.

Home Page Settings

The settings on the Home page are ALL set on Random ,obviously apart from The Latest Post. This means that your article will at some point appear on the main Home page.


ALL credit and enquiries from your music articles and galleries are directed to you.The mini profile sidebar will be present on all of your pages with links back to your main gallery and all credit for your work stays with you.


  • You MUST be the Music Photographer and own all rights to any image submitted.
  • The size need only to be 900 px.
  • Images can contain a Watermark or Logo.

Reviews to be published

  • You are welcome to submit concert / festival  written reviews .
  • They must be accompanied with between 3 and 12 of YOUR images.
  • You MUST be the Author or have permission from the Author.
  • All credit from written articles will be directed towards you.


All contributions that go towards creating Articles and Reviews is voluntary and free. Chasing The Light Art do no pay for any images or reviews. It is a way of building up your online presence and receiving more exposure to your work and portfolio.

Terms and Conditions

For the full list of terms and conditions  then visit our Terms and Conditions page which is linked at the bottom of every page or use the TOC button below. Alternatively email us any questions you may have about joining and submitting your work and we will answer as soon as possible.


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We do not publish weekly or monthly or quarterly… We publish daily..ish.

There is no newsletter or subscription fees for our magazine. To subscribe:-

LIKE because you do. SHARE because more people need to see these great images.  FOLLOW because we update daily ish. BOOKMARK because we bring you amazing Music Images from around the World from real PIT Photographer’s.

Check in regularly to see what’s in the latest section and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates of The  Chasing The Light Art Magazine .

All images belong to the Pit Photographer and are published with thanks and with permission from the photographer.

 All rights Reserved.

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