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This is the page where everything that gets posted on the  Chasing The Light Art music magazine website ends up and travels through.

Article page

Every post and every page has separate categories and tags and they are also divided into genre of music and country of the concert and country of the music photographer. But they all pass through this page at some point as they all get tagged Article page.

Welcome to scroll

So if you are not inclined to use the categories / filters / genres etc that have taken me  ages to arrange and am constantly updating then you are more than welcome to scroll through the hundreds of pages to find what you are looking for.


You could of course use the search button, but that i know is a bit easy and i can tell you like a good rummage, so off you go and happy searching.

Save you some time

Its basically a lot of amazing concert and festival pictures taken from around the world taken by some of the best music and pit photographers. If your one of them and you are not listed on the largest directory of music photographers, then you need to ask yourself… Why not ?


You will find galleries of the music photographers work, contact details, Instagram feeds, Facebook details. You can even contact them if you want to buy any of their prints.


Oh, yeah. We all like to get paid for our work every now and then. So if you want to employ any one of the photogs then contact us. Its really not difficult. All their details are provided. Most of us have at least 1 spare set of clothes and a passport and can travel. So any gig, anywhere, anytime any currency is usually ok.

Pit Photographers . No Flash . 3 Songs .  Always Get The Shot.