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Immortal Technique in concert

“Immortal Technique” is a Hip Hop / Rap artist from Peru / America.Here he is photographed and captured from the stage and pit area during a live concert in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information and to follow him on social media use any of the following external links.

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 Photography of Immortal Technique

by  ~ Kasper Pasinski

About the venue

Pumpehuset is located in the center of Copenhagen in Denmark and is one of the cities main live music venue`s.The building is divided on two levels.The top floor is the larger of the two concert halls and can accommodate up to 600 people whilst the ground floor  and stage area accommodates up to 400 guests.


The current band

Felipe Andres Coronel

Location and date of these concert  captures 

Pumpehuset / Copenhagen / Denmark / 19.08.2018

Record label

Viper Records


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