Gig photography by David Gasson

 The gig photography seen here was all taken at gigs in Croatia and Europe. This page shows an alphabetical listing of bands,artists and performers .They were all photographed during a concert or festival by the gig photographer.

Reason for alphabetical list

The music photographer is one of the main contributors to Chasing The Light Art. They offer hundreds of concert images already  archived. More concert and festival images are being added. The only way to view all the gig photography taken by this music photographer is by an alphabetical list.

Gig photography the letter A

The images of the bands, artists and performers that you see on this concert photography page all begin with the letter A. Nearly all genre of music is covered including rock n roll, heavy metal,  reggae ,dub , electronic dance music, classical, Jazz, blues, r&b, opera and folk.


If you are a concert ,festival and gig photographer and would like to join Chasing The Light Art then you are welcome to contact us at chasingthelight@gmail.com


A gallery is first made for you that highlights some of your best work of live music photography. This becomes your home page and shows your main contact details as well as your portfolio.


When you submit concert images then an article is made for you. This becomes an ever evolving catalogue of your work.


As you go to more concerts and submit your pictures for articles to be made your gig photography portfolio soon grows. Once it gets over 100 then these Alphabetical listings pages are made. This ensures that your work gains maximum exposure at all times

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